How should I change the default sorting of google-picker - google-drive-sdk

By default, google-picker does sorting on last opened by, is there
any way to change this default setting.


Combobox default item appears selected on default

The comboboxes's default items on the dialog appear selected by default initially. No special code or properties being set that I'm aware of.
I'm expecting them to be highlighted when an item selected explicitly instead of on default.
any ideas?
This is a C# application with .net 4.0

How to restore default xib values each time after returning back from another view?

I'm using a xib in xCode4 which is a table filled largely with static, default values. (These values were manually set in IB and are typically dashes to show empty cells.) The user enters input parameters on a preceding view, a bunch of calculations happen, and some of the default values on the xib on then updated.
My question is, when the user goes back to change the input parameters, new calculations are done on different values, and the xib is viewed a second (or third, etc.) time, how can I restore all the default values before updating some of them with calculated values? Otherwise I have to programmatically set either the default or the calculated value for each variable.
Thanks for the help.

Infragistics UltraGrid - How to use displayed values in group by headers when using an IEditorDataFilter?

I have a situation where I'm using the IEditorDataFilter interface within a custom UltraGrid editor control to automatically map values from a bound data source when they're displayed in the grid cells. In this case it's converting guid-based key values into user-friendly values, and it works well by displaying what I need in the cell, but retaining the GUID values as the 'value' behind the scenes.
My issue is what happens when I enable the built-in group by functionality and the user groups by a column using my editor. In that case the group by headers default to using the cell's value, which is the guid in my case, so I end up with headers like this:
Column A: 7F720CE8-123A-4A5D-95A7-6DC6EFFE5009 (10 items)
What I really want is the cell's display value to be used instead so it's something like this:
Column A: Item 1 (10 items)
What I've tried so far
Infragistics provides a couple mechanisms for modifying what's shown in group by rows:
GroupByRowDescriptionMask property of the grid (
Manually set the row description via the InitializeGroupByRow event (
Option 1 doesn't appear to give me what I need because the cell's display value is not exposed in the set of tokens they provide. Option 2 looks promising but it's not clear to me how to get at the cell's display value. The event argument only appears to contain the cell's backing value, which in my case is the GUID.
Is there a proper approach for using the group by functionality when you're also using an IEditorDataFilter implementation to convert values?
This may be frowned upon, but I asked my question on the Infragistic forums as well, and a complete answer is available there (along with an example solution demonstrating the problem):
In short, I was applying my custom editors at the cell level, which made them unavailable when the rows were grouped together. A better approach would be to apply the editor at the column level, which would make the editor available at the time of grouping, and would provide the expected behavior.

Is there a way to change the default drill through behavior?

It has been said there is no way to change the default drill through behavior with ssas . However, if we look closely we discover that we can actually exercise a bit more flexibility.
currently double click opens a new sheets an populates data in it, but it is using some default fields rather than fields assigned in the Action .
Is there a way to change the default drill through behavior using a code C# in which we define columns we want to show by default ?
Regards .
I know it has been a long time, but just so other people can know, if you go to the bottom of where you define the drillthrough action and expand additional properties, you can set the default property to true. The action you defined will then become the default drillthrough action.

Remove Funnel Symbol from the Syncfusion GridDataControl

I am using a Syncfusion GridDataControl in my application, the column header contains a small filter funnel like symbol in every column, this hinders the look of my application. I want to remove that symbol from my column headers.
I tried couple of options disabling but no luck.
The application is in WPF, C#.
Any suggestion/help will be appreciatable.
Syncfusion controls also supports the WPF properties.
I was trying to disable the filter funnel symbol, which appears because the property showFilters of the GridDataControl is set to True. The symbol was still appearing even after setting the property showFilters to False.
This was because it was getting overridden by AllowFilter property which by default is true.
In order to disable the filter completely, I also had to manually set AllowFilter property to false, hence the issue was resolved.