Dynamics 365 V9 lookupObjects error “IsNull is not defined” - dynamics-crm

I am using the class lookupObjects to have a CRM lookup inside a web resource. It has always worked well, but very recently, ONLY IN UCI (unified client interface) we have this error in "lookup.js": "IsNull is not defined". Is this due to a recent update? How can I fix this issue? This is an example:
function populateLookupItemCategories()
LookupItemCategories = {};
LookupItemCategories.NONE = 0;
LookupItemCategories.AMBIGUOUS = 1;
LookupItemCategories.UNKNOWN = 2;
LookupItemCategories.UNKNOWN_EMAIL = 3;
LookupItemCategories.NON_ENTITY = 4;
LookupItemCategories.UNKNOWN_TYPE = 5;
LookupItemCategories.MRU_ITEM = 6


How do I use GCDWebserver to generate a service for every phone photo you get?

I used PHOTOKITS to get all the photo resources of the phone, and how to generate the corresponding service for each photo.
Enter my local service address on the browser and download the image.
PHImageFileOrientationKey = 0;
PHImageFileSandboxExtensionTokenKey = "bafaa022260ba9199878cd1cc6966f3fc0a98a5c;00000000;00000000;000000000000001a;com.apple.app-sandbox.read;01;01000004;0000000000d55e3b;/users/xxxx/library/developer/coresimulator/devices/0cb2b8ef-e673-455e-a896-3ad5da18a160/data/media/dcim/100apple/img_0001.jpg";
PHImageFileURLKey = "file:///Users/xxxx/Library/Developer/CoreSimulator/Devices/0CB2B8EF-E673-455E-A896-3AD5DA18A160/data/Media/DCIM/100APPLE/IMG_0001.JPG";
PHImageFileUTIKey = "public.jpeg";
PHImageResultDeliveredImageFormatKey = 9999;
PHImageResultIsDegradedKey = 0;
PHImageResultIsInCloudKey = 0;
PHImageResultIsPlaceholderKey = 0;
PHImageResultRequestIDKey = 1;
PHImageResultWantedImageFormatKey = 4035;

Google.Protobuff timestamp.proto in c#

I have successfully compiled my .proto file with google.proto.Timestamp and generated the .cs file with protoc. The only problem i am having is initialization in my c# code.
I have tried the following:
.proto File
message teststamp
string Name = 1 ;
string address = 2;
google.protobuf.Timestamp _timeStamp = 3;
C# File
teststamp test = new teststamp();
test.Name = "Test";
test.address = "Test_Test_TEST"
//Example 2 : POSIX
test._timeStamp.Seconds = DateTime.Now.Second;
test._timeStamp.Nanos = DateTime.Now.Second*1000 ;
The above is compiling without errors but giving me this error: Object reference not set to an instance of an object .I have tried few other approaches but due to less help it is unable to fix the error.
Please help me out in this issue
Timestamp is class so you have to create it first like this:
test._timeStamp = new Timestamp() { Seconds = DateTime.Now.Second }
In case anyone stumbles across this post.
Here's a code example:
var unixTimeMS = DateTimeOffset
var seconds = unixTimeMS / 1000;
var nanos = (int)((unixTimeMS % 1000) * 1e6);
var lul = new ProtoModel
Timestamp = new Google.Protobuf.WellKnownTypes.Timestamp()
Seconds = seconds,
Nanos = nanos
var unixTimeMSBack = lul.Timestamp

update product inventory in magento using magento soap api in C#

I am trying to update the Product inventory in Magento, using Magento SOAP API in C#.
When I call the product_stock.update api, it returns true. But when I check in Magento Admin panel, it is not updated.
ProductInventoryStock[] arrProdInventoryStock = new ProductInventoryStock[1];
for (int iCnt = 0; iCnt < arrProdInventoryStock.Count(); iCnt++)
ProductInventoryStock objProdInventoryStock = new ProductInventoryStock();
objProdInventoryStock.qty = "111";
objProdInventoryStock.is_in_stock = 1;
objProdInventoryStock.manage_stock = 1;
objProdInventoryStock.use_config_manage_stock = 0;
arrProdInventoryStock[iCnt] = objProdInventoryStock;
bool test = Inventory.Update(apiUrl, sessionId, new object[] { "126", arrProdInventoryStock });
Please check this, and is there any problem over here. or something else?
Im using Mangento 1.9.x with the v2_soap?wsdl=1 and integrate with C# (4.5 Framework), I made a simple function that will update the stock, taking parameters as activeSession, ProductId, stockQty, stockStatus. Most important thing to note is that I've set the value to is_in_stock along with is_in_stockSpecified
protected void AddInventory(string activeSession, string ProductId, string stockQty, int stockStatus)
MagentoService mservice = new MagentoService();
catalogInventoryStockItemUpdateEntity uStock = new catalogInventoryStockItemUpdateEntity();
int stock_status=stockStatus;
uStock.qty = stockQty;
uStock.is_in_stock = stock_status;
uStock.is_in_stockSpecified = Convert.ToBoolean(stock_status);
int result;
result = mservice.catalogInventoryStockItemUpdate(activeSession, ProductId, uStock);
catch (Exception ex)

Getting Error When saving changes in database in asp.net mvc4

This my one method primaryKey of my model is 'PlanetKey'
Graph graph = new Graph();
long lastGraphID = 1000;
//graph.GraphID = lastGraphID;
graph.ItemType = enumType;
graph.GraphItemTitle = title;
graph.GraphItemDescription = statusMessage;
graph.GraphItemUserFullName = null;
graph.GraphItemURL = url;
graph.ItemSummary = title + ": " + statusMessage; ;
graph.ItemCreatedOn = DateTime.UtcNow.ToLocalTime();
//graph.GraphID = lastGraphID;
graph.GraphCustomURL = null;
graph.DbType = "OFFLINE";
graph.ItemOwnerGraphID = ItemOwnerGraphID;
graph.ItemUserID = userInfoId;
graph.PRIMARYTaggedAcademicTreeNodeId = 0;
graph.PRIMARYTaggedAcademicTreeSerialNumber = "1";
graph.PRIMARYTaggedCareerTreeNodeId = 0;
graph.PRIMARYTaggedCareerTreeSerialNumber = "1";
graph.PRIMARYTaggedSkillTreeNodeId = 0;
graph.PRIMARYTaggedSkillTreeSerialNumber = "1";
graph.PRIMARYTaggedAcademicTreeNodeId = 0;
graph.PRIMARYTaggedAcademicTreeSerialNumber = "1";
graph.PRIMARYTaggedToolTreeNodeId = 0;
graph.PRIMARYTaggedToolTreeSerialNumber = "1";
graph.CountReactions = 0;
graph.CountResponses = 0;
graph.CountRatings = 0;
graph.AverageRating = 0;
graph.CountRatings = 0;
graph.CountUses = 0;
graph.CountViews = 0;
graph.isReported = false;
graph.isPSKverified = false;
graph.isPSKbanned = false;
graph.isPSKresource = false;
graph.AccessAllowedCode = 0;
graph.AgeRestrictionCode = loginUserCurrentAge;
graph.isHidden = false;
GraphsController GraphsControllerObject = new GraphsController();
long returnGraphId = GraphsControllerObject.CreateGraphIdByModel(graph);
this is another what i am calling to
public long CreateGraphIdByModel(Graph graph)
if (ModelState.IsValid)
return graph.GraphID;
catch (DataException)
ModelState.AddModelError("", "Unable to save changes. Try again, and if the problem persists see your system administrator.");
return graph.GraphID;
this is showing me eeror in db.SaveChanges()
what m i doing wrong with this code i just wanna pass my parameter using model as crud of mvc4
To know what the error is: You need to look at the inner exception, it will tell you precisely what the problem is.
You can inspect the exceptions innerException property. It will be an EF exception with a list of errors.
The error says, Error converting datetime2 to datetime
Entity framework handles all the dates as a Datetime2, so, if you fields in the database are Datetime, this could be a problem. Populating all the date fields and changing the datatype, are the most commom solutions
Copied from here: 'datetime2' error when using entity framework in VS 2010 .net 4.0

How to get various device information with WinJS

Concretely, I'd like to get the following information about the users device:
A unique ID that identifies the users device, such as a Device-GUID or a Hardware-ID
The device manufacturer and model name
OS Buildstring or other information about the users OS patch level
What's possible and how can I get this data with WinJS?
Edit: I got the Hardware-ID. After some googling I finally wrapped my head around how to use Windows.System.Profile.HardwareIdentification.getPackageSpecificToken
function getHardwareId() {
var ht = Windows.System.Profile.HardwareIdentification.getPackageSpecificToken(null);
var reader = Windows.Storage.Streams.DataReader.fromBuffer(ht.id);
var arr = new Array(ht.id.length);
var id = "";
for (var j = 0; j < arr.length; j++) {
id += arr[j].toString();
return id;
According to Microsoft it is not possible in Windows Store apps.