How can I convert a group box to link label so i can access it later after clicking the linklabel in C# winform? [on hold] - c#

I am beginner.I have designed a desktop app which contain 10 M.C.Qs .I have added those questions in Group boxes in a single winform.I want to add A skip button so if a user wants to answer some questions later so he can access them later.So what should I do?


WPF control with word editing capabilities and can connect text

EDIT: Dean Kuga below writes the question another way
"I see now that you want to create a relation between non-matching
text blocks in different text boxes"
This is exactly my question.
I want to create a 2 or 3 column list of text boxes. In these text boxes the user can add text and format it very basically like highlight, color and make elections bold (This part I know could be done out of the box with a RTF control). But what I would like to be able to do is that the user could highlight something from one textbox and link it to something highlighted in another textbox.
I have added a picture with what I mean. It probably entails creating something around the highlighted text with a unique ID and then that same id being with the other text.
How could one achieve this with WPF and how could this be saved, for example database or file?
I am prepared to make my own control if that is what is required I just need some ideas on how to handle the editing of text and also how to then save it.
You could start by downloading and analyzing the source code of Extended WPF Toolkit to learn how WPF controls are built.
As a matter of fact, you could probably extend the existing code of their RichTextBox to add the functionality which is currently not supported by that control, call it Extended RichTextBox or something similar and create your own codeplex open source project to share that extended control.

Extending forms - Add more fields dynamically and read values

I have gone through lot of similar topics in Stackoverflow but unable to find correct solution.
Project: A online mobile phone selling portal where admin can add features about a mobile and save them. I'm creating a ASP.NET 4.5 form where controls can be dynamically generated when clicked on a button called "Add More +" similar to what is shown below or here: and finally there will be a button called "Save Values" which when clicked should save all the values entered in dynamic controls to be saved in SQL.
Feature Value
===== ======
Camera 16 MP
Memory 16 GB [Add more +]
[textbox] [textbox]
[Save Values]
I'm using C# (no jquery and no javascript) and a panel on the web form. I'm able to create the controls dynamically When clicked on Add More button. So after entering the values and clicking on the Save Values button the code behind page logic is not able to retrieve the values entered into the dynamically created fields.
I came to understand by reading the topics in stackoverflow that again the controls have to created inside page_int or page_load with same names.
My questions:
I'm creating controls dynamically inside a button click event. The step can be repeated any number of times and the user will generate as many controls as he wants. Should I have to actually save the number of times user generated the dynamic controls and names of each dynamic control generated in any session or static array kind of thing to preserve the data for regenerating the code again in post back.
Now during the post back event of Save Values button where exactly should I recreate the controls, I mean is it in page_init or page_load?
By recreating the controls again with same names (from session saved names - if that is how it has to be done, if not please suggest), what happens to the controls that were created by Add More button click event and what happens to the values that are entered in those dynamically created controls?
How can I read the values back in C#? Any sample code would be highly appreciated.
Are there any ready made extensions on internet like any third party paid/free controls which can give this functionality? If yes any reference?
Any alternate way to achieve this entire functionality?
Please have a look at following,although it is old posting but will help you think about your design approach

How to display list of elements from database in winforms? [closed]

So,i have a database(SqlServer) and a table that contain a columns(firstname,lastname,picture), and i want when i press a button to get the list of my elements (Like the user control in WPF), in other words i want to display each image with first and last name.
So please if someone have any idea i will be very appreciate.
i need something look like:
enter link description here
If you are asking how to get a picture from SQL Server database, you should check the following link:
It also shows how to dsiplay it via PictureBox control in WinForms.
If you are asking how to dynamically create controls in winforms, try this:
Hope it helps,

Image Upload and Image Slider

In my C# WPF windows Application I want to create a control similar to File-Upload in web applications ... of course there won't be server in windows application to save uploaded images
I used Text Box and 2 buttons (Browse) and (Upload):
I want when I press (Browse) button file dialogue to search for my images in my computer
when I choose image ... its path appear in text box
when I press (Upload) button ..image is saved in my database and shown in an Images slider
also I ask about how to make that Image slider
if I have 3 upload controls in the same window but every one is related to certain content .. and all images uploaded by 3 upload controls are shown in image slider .. can I Link each image with its own content when I try to preview a summary for my work??
Note: I looked for many questions here related to what I want .. but there is no clear answer with correct code I wish you can help me ..thank you
First you need an Horizontal ListView that is bounded to list of objects, when the object contains path to image, and summary.
you can get direction from here:
Whenever you click the upload button all you have to do is just to add a new object with the selected path to the bounded list.
about the two arrow buttons - you have to see how to change the listview horizontal scrollbar control template.

How do I get a handle on a textbox on a Microsoft Access form from C#

I'm writing a C# application which pulls a string of text from a MySql database, opens a form contained within a Microsoft Access database and populates a textbox on the form with this string.
The first two parts I'm fine with, I can pull the string from the MySql database and open the Access database, but I am struggling to get a handle on the textbox.
How do I, after pressing a button on a C# Windows Form application, populate a textbox on a Microsoft Access Form with a string contained within the C# application.
I would first of all check with Spy++ to verify that the textBox you see in the Access form is a normal and reachable one... you never know with access ;-)
after that, you can follow one of the trillions questions here in SO about how to get/reach external applications's textboxes, for example here:
Insert text into the textbox of another application
FindWindowEx - Select textbox if there are several textboxes with same classname