How to display bunch of “SiteArea” and its content under a parent SA through single menu [or any] component - menu

I have a Parent Site Area, it contains child SAs and the child SAs has contents. I need to display the results in a list fashion. example :
-Content of sa1 -1
-Content of sa1 -2
-Content of sa2 -1
-Content of sa2 -2
-Content of sa3 -1
-Content of sa3 -2
This can be achieved easily by hard coding/2 menu components. But our server is loaded with lots of components and libraries, so i want to achieve this in a single Menu or Navigation component to get slight improvement of performance.
thanks in advance


Vue.js - Drag n Drop / Merge

i'm a beginner learning Vue.js framework.
I've create a GUI using Bootstrap, and now i'm rewriting using vue.
But i'm struggling against one problem: I need to make 2 lists, where 1 of them are draggable, to drop at the other list. When i drop at the other list, i should be able to merge this draggable information into the content of the second list:
The item from list 1 must be draggable and dropped at the list 2, merging with one of the alert squares
The problem is: I'm looking for something at google, but, i can't find something that allow me drag, drop and merge. At least, not with my lack of experience.
Does anyone have any suggestion? I would really appreciate!
Hugo Alves
You can try those libraries:
#elalamianas I've found a way to solve my problem using vue.draggable.
For the drag items list, i've use this code at the HTML:
<draggable v-model="List1" :options="{group:{name:'', pull:'clone'}}" #start="drag=true">
For the drop place, as i wanted to clone the list 1 item, and then merge at the list 2 item, i've used:
<draggable v-model="List2" :options="{group:{ put:''}}" #add="onAdd">
I've use the following script:
onAdd: function (evt) {
alert( + ', ' + evt.path[1].id)
components: {
So, everytime i drop the item from list 1 at list 2, i receive an alert with the ID of the item dropped.
My english is not fluent, so i am sorry for the incorrect grammar. But, thanks for your suggestion!

JOOMLA - Add suffix to url

I am using a joomla website with two template. the first one I assigned for a menu and the other one for a menu.
I want to add a suffix to the URL, so that I can know which template is being used.
for template 1, I have menu 1, if I am viewing item of menu 1, my URL will be:
And for template 2, I have menu 2, if I am viewing item of menu 3, my URL will be:
abc and xyz is suffixes that I can change by my self.
Please help me. thank you so much.
This could be accomplished by cheating the system a little bit. Make your menus like this:
Menu 1:
- abc // Top level menu item, with alias abc
- Menu item 1
- Menu item 2
Menu 2
- xyz // ...with alias xyz
- Menu item 1
- Menu item 2
The top level menu items can just be text separators. Make sure these are not displayed in the menu modules, there is a setting for this in the module. I believe the result will be more or less like you asked.
You might have to override mod_breadcrumbs if you are using breadcrumbs menu, and remove the top level menus, so it does not look weird.

APEX - How to get line Seperator in Menu

I have a Navigation Bar menu in an Apex 5 app. Something like 'Info A', 'Info B', 'Logout'.
For 'Info B', it is a drop down menu, which is in 2 categories. So for example,
Set 1
Set 2A
Set 2B
Set 2C
Set 2D
How do I draw a horizontal line between the 2 sets, that is (ideally) non-selectable? These are static menu entries, they will not change.
If anyone still interested in this, this is how you do it:
Create a new List-Entry with List Entry Label = '---' (3 dashes), Target Type = URL and URL Target = 'separator'
Happy apexing

Show access restricted pages within Viewhelper “” (Fluid Powered TYPO3)

In my TYPO3 project, I create a page menu with the vhs extension viewhelper
Problem is, access restricted pages are hidden in this menu - but I need them to be shown.
I know that there is a way to do this in a typoscript menu:
lib.mainMenu {
1 {
showAccessRestrictedPages = 100
showAccessRestrictedPages.addParams = &return_url=###RETURN_URL###&pageId=###PAGE_ID###
But can I somehow get the same result with the viewhelper? Or do I have to create a typoscript menu for this purpose.
Supported in VHS since version 3.0, through use of the showAccessRestricted, classAccessGranted and classAccessProtected arguments.

Jquery Draggable containment string value

All, I know the Draggable containment option can be set string values with these follow.
Parent(Constrains dragging to within the bounds of parent element of current element),window and document.
but I don't know what is the difference between the window and document values. and I didn't found any api document for this two values. please help me understand it .thanks.
This all boils down to the difference between window and document. When you set the containment of a draggable, jQuery uses the width and height properties of either of them to determine its bounds, as the sources show (formatted for readability):
if(o.containment == 'document' || o.containment == 'window') this.containment = [
0 - this.offset.relative.left - this.offset.parent.left,
0 - -,
$(o.containment == 'document' ? document : window).width() -
this.helperProportions.width - this.margins.left,
($(o.containment == 'document' ? document : window).height() ||
document.body.parentNode.scrollHeight) - this.helperProportions.height -
If there are no iframes, then I believe both dimensions will be the same, otherwise, things can be a little different (though I'm unsure if jQuery supports drag and drop between iframes, even if from the same origin).