Access website's gridview data in software gridview - c#

*i want to access my website's Gridview data in my software's gridview *how to create web service for this


ASP.NET MVC 4 - How do I access the http://localhost/reports page from within the application?

I have developed an application that shows a specific report from the report server using MVC 4. What I want is to actually show the http://localhost/reports interface without the need to log in (accessed via the server) and with the possibility of passing credentials with it (domain, username and password). How do I achieve that?
This is the interface I want to show.
It does not matter for me if it is in an iframe or inside the .aspx view.

Show user specific data using Web API without accessing session variable

I keep reading that using session variable in Web API is not a good practice and it should be avoided because Web API is RESTful. But then how can you display user specific records from a table?
Consider the scenario where I am displaying data from a table. The data is being displayed using AJAX/JSON for which I have created a controller in Web API. Now this will show all records from table to any user who access that page. What if I want to show only those record which belong to particular user who is viewing page?
Right now what I am doing is, saving user id in cookie on session start and then access that cookie in Web API controller and pass it on to database query. Is this ok?

Access sitemap from Web API

I'm currently working on a monolithic web application which uses sitemaps to render menu. The access to each sitemap node is determined by permissions defined in web.config file(s) for each roles.
Roles defined in the web.config files are not actual user roles, but they are virtual roles, and calculated based on the application license and the actual user role.
Now, new feature of the application is built using Web API and AnguarJS, and Asp .Net pages are not used. But menu still need to display in new pages, in order to access other parts of the system.
So plan is to somehow access the sitemap via API Controller to populate menu using AnngularJS.
One possibility is to read the sitemap directly as XML file, but that will not hide menu items user does not have access.
The SiteMapProvider need to be in a page / control to use. Do anyone know a way to use it within an API?

How to trigger an application based on update in the database?

I have a button created on a webpage in ASP, C# which on click extracts data from the database and makes a request to the web service based on the data extracted and then displays the result on another web page. I have a hardware which reads the data from an ID and writes the data into the database.
The same database is refereed by both the application i.e. one application writes the data into database and another application reads the data and make the request to the web service.
The action for making the request to the web service starts when user clicks the button on the webpage. I want this event to be happen automatically like when the hardware read the ID data and writes the data into the database the other application should automatically read it and should make the request to the web service to display the response.
Is there is way in which I should create an application which is constantly listening from the database for any changes or update and gets triggered when a update is made to the database for example in my case the insert of a new record in the table.
Assuming you are using SQL Server you can use SqlDependency to subscribe to changes.
Check this link for more information

login to a SharePoint Site using HTML Link thorugh passing the credential

I'm currently in the implementation phase of a project (two parts) that works as an aggregator for datasources form two sources (database tables and sharepoint lists, libraries..). admin user can generate the report and manage datasources, then a web module going to display the selected datasources for specific report (of course there are relations between the selected datasources.. etc)
final output must often like this:
if you noticed the Click here link which must navigate the end-user to the source sharepoint item in the sharepoint website, now the problem is whenever a user clicked this link it prompts a credential window in order to proceed with the navigation i want to get red of this issue and I know i cant do much with html link so any suggestions? im open to new ideas
Thank you in advance
What site is these reports displayed on ? ASP.NET or SharePoint ?
The best would be to put this report site under the _layouts directory of sharepoint so that user is automatically authenticated when they access this site. When the user further clicks the link, since he is already authenticated, he won't be prompted for credentials.